Meme-tracking (okay, celebrity gossip-tracking) for my friend, Lena

Meme-tracking (okay, celebrity gossip-tracking) for
my friend, Lena:
One of my favorite people I’ve met through
blogging, Gabe Rivera, creator of, has
taken his cool technology and platform that tracks blog-conversations
and has applied it to a topic (and blogger community) that is much more
popular than, sorry, technology or politics.

fortunately, it’s not called “mememorandum,” but something that makes
sense to “civilians,”

this is what this whole thing’s about — It’s not
about competing with Digg or being the next /. It’s about

Also (sorry for the personal
shout-out), Lena, was made for

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  • Lena

    Apologizing for a personal shout-out? You should demand an elaborate thank you! Anyway, this looks good. What doesn’t look so good is the first headline: K-Fed Threatens to Take It All Off? Blech.

  • Blair Stilwell

    It’s like only cleaner (or more PC and less funny if you prefer) but with better links.

  • Gabe

    Thanks Rex! Hope you like it Lena…