The stays old-school when it comes to RSS icons

The stays old-school when it comes to RSS feed orange thingee: This afternoon, I finally got around to looking at the redesign all the way to the bottom of the page. Interesting to observe they didn’t “evolve” their orange syndication button to the “new standard” one — they didn’t even “evolve” it to “RSS,” but stuck with the XML icon. Is this some kind of not-tipping point?

  • Tom Biro

    Good. Not a fan, frankly. As I cited a while ago towards Scoble, the icon does nothing except continue to not educate people about what’s behind it. It’s the only damn thing on the ‘net that when you click on it (which is what you do on the Web) you get gobbledygook for the average reader. There’s no directions 99% of the time on what to do with it. Most people aren’t using browser-based RSS readers yet, which is why the “My Yahoo!,” “Bloglines” and other buttons are still smarter moves, even if they are cluttering.

  • Ross Plotkin

    It seems odd calling an icon that symbolizes an emerging techology ‘retro’ – but I suppose that what the old, orange XML sign is.