Bill Gates looks tired

Bill Gates looks tired: Scroll to the bottom of this story about how Bill Gates works. That photo makes me sad. I think Bill Gates deserves to take a day or two off — maybe just hang out in the backyard as a reward for wiping out polio. Maybe an outdoor hobby? Cycling is fun. Perhaps take up gardening. Let’s go fishing. We both could use a little sun.

  • Shannon

    what a fun boss to have: “If the entire week is very busy, it’s the weekend when I’ll send the long, thoughtful pieces of e-mail. When people come in Monday morning, they’ll see that I’ve been quite busy— they’ll have a lot of e-mail.”

  • rex

    Shannon, I know you have a fun boss. Didn’t you once give him a book to review called something like, “How to work for an Ass.”?