Nashville blogger meet-up pre-game meal

Nashville blogger meet-up pre-game meal: I’ll be at the Nashville blogger gathering later. However, as I appeared to be the only blogger in town who had not yet dined at Mothership BBQ, I took the 15-year-old there for lunch. While the restaurant is a bit off the main drag (it’s about a block behind the Baja Burrito on Thompson Lane — at 2806 Columbine Place), back in March, I took the 15-year old 350 miles out of the way so he could enjoy the barbecue of my youth — so this was a snap.

Mothership BBQ is run by a blogger who now goes by the name Dr. Funkenswine on the restaurant’s blog. (Sidenote: This is an awesome example of how a small business can use a weblog — just read some of the posts and replies.) With the 15-year-old’s endorsement, I have now made Morthership the official BBQ (Blog-BQ?) of the rexblog. (By the way, I am not getting paid for this endorsement nor did I even get a free pork plate.)

The barbecue is excellent and the sauce is uniquely Nashville: sort of a blend of the west Mississippi vinegar sauce and the redder, spicier sauce of east Tennessee. It’s a nice mixture of spice and sweet, with a spicier option that will forever be called, “Hello, My Name is Hot.” If I had to compare the sauce to anything (and this is not doing justice to it), it reminds me a little bit of Tiger Sauce, but just a little.

We’ll be back.

  • Mark

    I finally made it to the Mothership this evening and was fortunate enough to be able to speak with Dr. Funkenswine while he made my plate. I think this is a total case study for someone (if you aren’t secretly doing it yourself) and I said as much.

    I also must concur with every positive review of the food (on my initial run – I’ll be back) I’ve read. The 15-year-old makes good executive decisions for the rexblog. I worked domestically (ok, I babysat two boys) for an American Culinary Institute (Hyde Park) grad for 3.5 years, and even his personal BBQ I would not take over the Mothership’s, and my former employer has not just US-variety recipes, he can do every Latin/South American BBQ variation as well, and I’ve had most of them (that’s what his restaurant was).

    Mothership’s pork is plain awesome and so is how he’s doing things.