Prime time?

Prime time? It is 5:40 p.m. on the east coast and I just noticed the following message at the bottom of the front page of Rocketboom: *** 7/10: New episode coming today. . . thanks for standing by . . .

Update:(at 8 p.m. eastern) A new message: Update: Rocketboom has been delayed one day and is expected to launch anew Tuesday 7/11 at 9AM EDT. Thank you for standing by!

rexblog question of the day:

Which is better?
A. Floundering in the spotlight
B. Being brilliant in obscurity

  • Garrick Van Buren

    There’s always plenty of time for ‘A’, ‘B’ takes time.

  • Kleinheider

    Personally, I prefer to flounder in obscurity.

  • mike

    Always “B”.