Free wifi in the park

Free wifi in the park: Free Shakespeare, free rock concerts and now wi-fi. By August, free wi-fi will be established at 18 locations in 10 of New York’s most prominent parks, including Central Park, in a major citywide expansion of free Internet access, according to city officials.

(Note to Nashvillians: Remember, there is free wi-fi in Centennial Park. Note to everyone, however: Leave the computer at home or in the office. Go throw a frisbee instead.)

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  • Susan Reynolds

    The city of Alexandria VA is reportedly at least talking about providing free wifi throughout the city. We’ll see where that goes.

  • scott

    corpus christi is supposed to roll out wifi across the city by the end of the summer. they don’t have the price structure set yet, but the article i read said $20/month. depending on coverage and speed, it could be worth it. i’d like to see something like that here in nashville, but i doubt it will ever happen.

  • bhudgins

    I realize this involves not only face to face encounters, but also actual human contact so it may not interest many readers of this blog – still, the Metro Parks has free big band dances (with a short lesson beforehand) on Saturday nights. Schedule is here: