I entered the contest

I entered the contest: Okay, so I woke up way too early this morning and that Flickr colouring contest was just sitting there with 600 entries and climbing and as I couldn’t go run and strenuously exert myself, I entered the contest. (Hint: The guy on the left is Sen. Ted Stevens.) Feel free to “favourite” it — (add-to-favs). Okay, now I actually am going to enjoy the ozone.

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  • Christian Grantham

    It’s early, but who is that guy?

  • rex

    Ted Stevens.

  • scott

    for everyone who doesn’t get the full context, watch this video. you’ll get to see a crazy man (sen. ted stevens) rambling incoherently on the senate floor about the internet, how someone sent im an internet, and why he didn’t get said internet until the next day.


  • beepbeepitsme

    “De t’ings dat yo’ li’ble
    To read in de Bible—
    It ain’t necessarily so.” Ira Gershwin