Gang thang

The Tennessean’s Gang thang, update: A day after running a story suggesting there are 15,000 gang members and “affiliates” in Nashville, the paper followed up today with an article suggesting that maybe it is possible perhaps that a shooting at a “baptism party” was gang-related — or at least there was one person at the party who was rumored maybe to be “affiliated” with a gang, and thus the gang-connection is worthy of the lede and headline. Let me once more reiterate that I am in no way suggesting there is not youth crime in Nashville and the death of someone at this function is a tragedy: My complaint is with whoever at the Tennessean is making the editorial decisions on this scare-mongering fake investigative series. It is coming off lamer than a TV news sweeps-week gimmick.

Also, while I make it a practice to refrain from discussing on this weblog others’ sentence structure and grammar (people in glass blogs blah, blah), I had to post the following quote from today’s story to ask some of the editorial-types who read this blog whether or not it sounds if the Tennessean is clearing a baby from any gang connections:

“Gabriel, Juan and Claudia are cousins of the child who was baptized and apparently had no connections whatsoever with the shooters, Corcoran said.”

  • lcreekmo

    “Gabriel, Juan and Claudia, cousins of the child who was baptized, apparently had no connections whatsoever with the shooters, Corcoran said.”

    This is fun. Can we do some more?

  • bhudgins

    Rex, as a seminarian you should recall that payback doesn’t stop with one or even two generations. IMHO, the reporter didn’t go far enough to find out if any of the preceding 5 generations had gang connections.

    Here’s a math question for the reporter – work out how many years or generations it would take for the current gang members in Nashville by their count to populate the US with their gang=related progeny.