Dirty Coast T-Shirts

Dirty Coast T-Shirts: In looking among the thousands of T-shirts for sale that could document our visit to New Orleans, the 15-year-old and I discovered that most seem to be created by the intoxicated to be purchased by the intoxicated. (Admittedly, while we were thoroughly sober, we were looking in shops along a street synonymous with intoxication.)

One positive exception: shirts from the company Dirty Coast Press. Locally designed and screened, the shirts are biting, witty and not tourist-trap bait. The company sells their shirts online and if you are in New Orleans, you can purchase them at several stores, including: Style Lab for Men, Maple Street Book Store, Winky’s, Oliveaux, Still Perkin, Turncoats, Mojo Coffee Shop, and Theo’s Pizza.

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  • Jackson

    Thanks for the tip! I just ordered my dad the “Ruffins for Mayor” shirt for an additional bday present.

  • humidhaney

    The post and support are appreciated.

    Thanks for spreading the good word.


    Dirty Coast