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My symphony’s space

My symphony’s space: That local indie band known as the Nashville Symphony not only has a brand new $120 million symphony hall, it also has a brand new free page on MySpace. (Free, as in it is sporting the typical … Continue reading

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Update on Lemur vs. Bransford

Update on Lemur vs. Bransford: It’s nice to see that the dust-up I blogged about earlier today seems to have settled down. The Head Lemur says he’s even going to give John Bransford a “second chance.” Here’s a quote from … Continue reading

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Blogger and podcaster magazine

Blogger and podcaster magazine? Count me skeptic for a print(?) publication that describes itself as a “TV Guide for blogs and video podcasts.” First, “TV Guide” is an astoundingly ironic term to use as that franchise has been hammered by … Continue reading

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News from the Nashville techosphere

News from the Nashville techosphere: Oops. Did I say MySI was son-of-Pointcast pushed flash? The other day, when I suggested that Sports Illustrated shouldn’t release a son-of-Pointcast screensaver until the Mac OS version is supported because people like me would … Continue reading

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