• lcreekmo

    That lil thing is adorable. That is $80 of fun, my friends. You could do any kind of activity with it. I can’t imagine it could get beaten up in your purse [please, no one look at my full-size iPod. It is so sad.] And 240 songs? Do you have any idea how many that is?

    I promise I do not work for Apple.

  • Cole

    What about the 80GB iPod?! 80 freakin’ gigs?! Crazy! I am SO getting one of those bad boys!

  • rex

    Wait a year, Cole. There’s a rumor (I just made it up, in fact) that Jobs will introduce a terrabyte iPod then.

  • lcreekmo

    For the record I was commenting on the real new iPod. Not the iNvisa. 🙂