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Like it’s 1999

I’m sitting here watching Monday night football. I’ve just seen Samari Rolle intercept a pass. I’m watching Steve McNair lead an offense with Derrick Mason as a wide receiver. I’m having 1999 fan-flashbacks. Except all my favorite players are wearing … Continue reading

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Mark Cubans 2.0

Mark Cubans 2.0: Way, way back a long time ago (seven Internet years), Mark Cuban sold Yahoo! an Internet audio business for several billion dollars worth of Yahoo! stock. I’m not sure what the ROI on that purchase was for … Continue reading

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The Custom Publishing Council is blogging

The Custom Publishing Council is blogging: I was honored to be contacted last week by Gretel Going of the Custom Publishing Council, the organization comprised of custom publishers (my day job), who invited me to make the first post on … Continue reading

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National anti-covert and deceptive blog advertising practices day

National anti-covert and deceptive marketing on blogs day: Jason Calacanis asks: “I’d really love to hear what smart folks like Seth Godin, Fred Wilson, Adam Curry, Mark Cuban, Esther Dyson, John Battelle, Cory Doctorow, Xeni Jardin, Rafat Ali, Joseph Jaffe, … Continue reading

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