Vince Young is podcasting

Actually, Vince Young isn’t really podcasting, but Reebok is using their quickly-becoming-a-superstar endorsee in an online campaign to promote the shoe-company’s “When Did I Know?” campaign.

Impressive sidelight: Reebok’s PR firm working on this project must do some major Technorati digging as my occasional posts about the Titans rookie QB pinged a sonar and resulted in me getting a pitch from someone working on the account. (Disclosure: While I didn’t get “paid” to post this, if Vince Young keeps playing like he did today, I’ll be glad to point to anything he’s hyping. He’s 2-1 2-2 (see comments) as a starting quarterback with his only loss being against the Indiana Colts, 14-13.)

Geez. After the game his teammate, Pacman Jones, played today — despite the expectoration incident a few days before — I’d even be happy to point to anything he’s endorsing. I’m sure Pacman would be a great spokesman for one of these Nashville companies.

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  • jshuler

    Interesting bits of info! I’ve got to be at the top of VY devotees, so I hate to point out one small inaccuracy that is not in Vince’s favor, but he actually is 2-2 with the other loss being his first start which was a big loss against Dallas. But as you have pointed out, Vince has turned the Titans’ losing attitude around and has been improving each week.

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