Wired acqhires Reddit

I didn’t use the “acqhire” word earlier when I blogged the Google purchase of JotSpot as a round or two of VC funding took Jot out of that league. However, when a magazine/web property owned by a multi-billion dollar media giant buys buys Reddit, a company with four employees, now that fits the definition. Or, perhaps, in this case, I might call it “a long tail acquisition.”

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  • I love the definition, Rex – but do find the news curious… great to see traditional publishers curious about the social media space (even if they just bought it now to figure out what they’ll do with it later!).

  • Rex Hammock

    Actually, in this case, it’s a nice fit with the Wired brand. Now that Conde Nast owns Wired.com (now that’s a strange story of how the print and online property got separated for many years), it fits within an an understandable strategy. Also, I think media brands like Wired are logical places for social media to end up — there’s only so many things Google and Yahoo can buy. Conde Nast has not only been successful at launching media brands over the years, they’ve been successful at acquiring them and adding value. (Not always, but often.) The Reddit property and people are going to end up with some smart folks at Wired. This will be a good thing.*