Cool tool for conference planners

Because of those involved with or investing in (press release), there will be lots of blog-linking to the new suite of services that may seem radical to traditional conference-planner types, but will seem intuitive and logical to anyone who has participated in a recent conference heavily attended by bloggers or others savvy in social media. Kudos to all the folks behind this. Here’s a constructive suggestion, however. I’m attending a conference in Chicago that starts tomorrow that will be attended by the top executives of the media companies who put on most of the “trade shows” in the business-to-business arena. That conference isn’t in Confabb’s database. I think those conference people would find the service of interest.

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  • Hi Rex,

    Great suggestion. We had it in the roadmap to get to conferences of conference organizers to better explain what we’re doing, but your suggestion is an even better one.

    Our plan is to go through one cycle of bug-fixing and tweaks and get the usability one notch higher before we talk to folks in the real world.

    Thanks for the suggestion, and please let us know if we can do anything to improve the service.