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My Treo 700p is, according to the Sprint people here in Chicago, “water damaged.” The phone is insured and a replacement is being shipped to Nashville. However, I’m depending on a very screwy phone that won’t allow me to use the keys and gets stuck on certain screens. The last thing I thought would work is the phone’s cellular broadband. However, via bluetooth, I just tried to connect to the Internet via the phone — and am posting this via that connection, so obviously it works. Amazing. So I’m thinking that while I can’t actually talk on the cell phone, I can use it to access the Internet and use Skype. I’m feeling Macgyveresque.

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  • I read a post by David Pogue back on September 22. It looks like you’re lucky that the phones covered by insurance since it is “water damaged”. Would that be from plane flight?

    Here’s David’s post:

  • Rex Hammock

    I still had to pay a $50 deductible. This is outrageous. After reading that link (and all the comments from those who’ve had this problem), this is an issue that needs to get people outraged. I’ve never dropped my phone in water — or even placed it on a sink cabinet. Going from hot to cold shouldn’t be harmful enough to destroy a phone’s guts.