Ask and it shall be given

Last night, I ran into Folio: magazine publisher Tony Silber and started whining (again) that their new blog didn’t have an RSS feed. He said, “we’re adding one” and then, like magic, it appeared. Thanks, Tony. And I guess I should also thank the rexblog reader who decided to become the Folio: blog’s “exclusive sponsor.” (I’m a little confused about the exact URL of the Folio: blog, but here’s a link to its archive.) Also, Steve Ennen is blogging on the ABM’s blog about the meeting I’m attending. (So I don’t have to?) Actually, I’m sitting in the back of the room with Doug Shore being entertained by his quips.

  • Doug Shore

    Steve didn’t mention it in his blog, but someone should note what we believe to be the first mention of “Web 3.0” at an ABM Top Management Meeting — something to do with interactive databases, but you can probably explain it much better than I. Can Web 4.0 be far behind?

  • Rex Hammock

    I think the actual reference Web 3.0 was used to describe something about interactive databases that relate to other interactive databases. As we were wispering on the back row, I didn’t catch the whole remark — just enough to know the guy reads John Markoff in the NY Times.