Sports headlines of the day

First place (from the New York Times): “Giants, Playing Catch and Release, Fail Again.”

Runner up: (from The Tennessean) “Lead gone in New York Minute”

Best lede: (from Paul Kuharsky, The Tennnessean) “Early in the fourth quarter Sunday at LP Field, somebody dropped a quarter into Pacman Jones, grabbed the joystick and did the sort of crazy things that happen only in a video game.”

As I’ve said on this weblog many times, the best writing in most newspapers is found on their sports pages. By “best” I mean the writer is passionate about (and a life-long-learning student of) the topic, perceptive, insightful and witty.

Update: Wittiest blog post goes to Roger Abramsom for his post titled “Domain Name for Sale” that merely contains a link to the URL

  • Great job picking up Vince Young. I was in Austin from 2004 to 2006, and watched the Rose Bowl in downtown Austin at The Tavern. He is a legend in Texas, and I expect great things out of him in Tennessee.