Holiday gifts from Uncle Sam?

The government’s official “portal” has set up a page of links to places you can purchase holiday gifts from the U.S. government. For the hard-to-please folks on your list, maybe something from the Drug Enforcement Agency gift shop or a CD of Nixon White House tapes might be something swell to find under the tree.

Actually, there are some great items if one clicks around. For example, the Library of Congress/Rounder Records Folk Music project has some incredible CDs including this collection of great performances from the Library of Congress’ field recordings.

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  • Hudge

    When I was in college – there were only 25 letters in the English Alphabet then – we had to take a couple of semesters of music history. One of the choices was American music of the early 20th century, and the prof was a big fan of John and Alan Lomax, who recorded several of the works in this collection. The music they captured up in lonely hollers and on front porches rang so true it made the hairs on your neck rise – and at the time, I had very long hair. They and their colleagues have always been kind of heroes of mine, and the fact that a government dealing with Depression and approaching war would finance such a cultural quest has inspired me when I feel that governments are irredeemably wrong-headed.