How to ‘save’ the WSJ

(Via: AP) “The Wall Street Journal, whose wide pages and text-rich look have long been an icon of the American newspaper business, is about to undergo several changes that include cutting three inches off its width.”

Here are my unsolicited suggestions for other changes:

1. Replace financial news with more stories about Brad and Angelina.
2. Run huge front page photos of New York-area professional athletes who suck.
3. Limit business news to coverage of the private lives of executives with focus on CEOs who are seen in bars with someone other than spouses.
4. Front page Sudoku.

Update: (From Jeff Jarvis) “I’m at the Wall Street Journal’s announcement of its new, narrower size and I can’t quite believe the coverage that lopping off three inches is getting.”

Pardon my prediction, but I think all this talk of lopping off three inches is about to head downhill fast.

  • Doug Shore

    Your first three suggestions, with slight industry-specific tweaking, resemble the Primedia editorial plan that nearly sank Folio a few years ago before Tony Silber, Kerry Smith and their colleagues took back control. I don’t think Sudoku was popular then, or Primedia would have tried that as well.

  • Instead of Brad and Angelina, try Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. (2 of 3 if you’re daring, all 3 if you want an all-out web traffic free-for-all.)