The problem with third-party widgets

When I first launched this blog, I used to manage much of the content on the right sidebar. However, during a short period of time, their servers began to act up and it would make it appear my entire blog was unavailable. I have a short fuse when it comes to third-party widget performance dragging down the speed of this site, so I moved the blogroll off the front page (more to come). Due to some similar glitches the folks at are having, I have temporarily removed the code that displays the photos served up by I say temporary, because I like the service and will add the code back in when they work things out. But I won’t be displaying empty boxes or, worse, nothing. The link to my MyBlogLog profile and community still work.

Update: I’ve added back the ‘widget’ code and (see comments) thanks for the personal service and explanation by the management.

  • Rex – you are so right and this is why I really prefer to have my tools hosted on my own site or paid for!

    Ramon Ray,

  • Sorry about the fuss. Last night’s problem, and other times when the whole widget is problematic, was our servers. When it’s the “empty box” issue, that’s Amazon S3 acting up. It’s still our responsibility, as we choose to use them (because we’re a bootstrapped startup and they’re very inexpensive), but I just like providing more info rather than less. I believe that we’re in good shape now, and we are working on permanent performance solutions.

  • One thing you have to give MyBlogLog, they are responsive no matter where the complaints are posted.

  • Jackson — I agree. I have emailed them myself and gotten a prompt, personal reply. My blog doesn’t have near the traffic Rex’s does. 🙂