• For us, our stats on email are that 4 out of 10 emails are BLOCKED as spam. Just yesterday the server logs told me that:

    1632 messages checked and passed.
    1180 spam messages were found.

    Note that the 1180 are emails that were never even see do to a ranking system for spam. Some spam comes through marked as ****SPAM**** and some isn’t marked at all. All is put into quarantine just in case.

    I’d guess that overall 6 out of 10 emails we receive are spam.

    We use spamassassin, postfix and clamd, and linux. Very customizable and very cheap.

  • Rex Hammock

    Thanks, Patrick. Note: Patrick is director of rexblog hackology. He is now giving away all of our deep-dark techno secrets on his new weblog, ScriptAlias.com.