Is comfort with all this new-media stuff an attitudinal or generational thing?

Mitch Joel says it’s attitude, not age, that influences ones comfort with and adoption of social media. It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me or stumbles across this blog for whatever reason, I agree.


“I’ve seen one thing in all of these new marketing channels, it is how simple, fun and accessible they are. You don’t need a biophysics degree to get hooked on Google Reader or tripped out on LinkedIn. You do need a passion and desire to grow and a wanting to understand how people are connecting in a fully-connected online world.”

I do believe there are correlations between ones age and ones preferences or tastes. But I also have a dog who is eight years old and he is easily taught new tricks.

For me, this is a big issue. Indeed, I’m getting to the point where I think this may become a cause with me. I guess that’s a warning that you can expect a lot more posts in the coming months in which I try to explain why old people shouldn’t feel guilty about not instantly comprehending and adopting any new Internet thing that comes along. And by old, I mean anyone over 16.

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  • Whoa. Yesterday it was 22. Tomorrow, will my 7yo be a senior citizen on the Internet??

  • Rex Hammock

    Actually, Laura. Tomorrow, your soon-to-be one-year-old will be a part of the “only generation who gets it.”

  • Wow, that’s the first time I’ve been called old.

    I think there’s a big difference between people who are “set in their ways” and people who have a thirst for knowledge. The sad thing is (and it’s a reality) that most people are set in their ways. They like things the way they are (or were) and are scared of anything new because new means change… and nobody likes change.

    You don’t have to look much beyond a bookstore and a bar to see the difference. People in bookstores have a thirst to grow. People who sit on bar stools have a thirst for the same drink they’ve had, at the same bar for the past bajillion years… and all they like to do is remember the “glory years.”

    Yes, I’m generalizing. But, I am doing it to make a point.

    As long as you keep Blogging and scratching at these issues, you won’t get old. But, you probably will still suck at Xbox – that could, indeed, be a generational thing 😉