Titans hunting in Manhattan

I went to the blogger ‘meat-up’ in Nashville yesterday afternoon, but haven’t yet been able to post the photos I took due to some technical problems related to forgetting my handy bag of random wires when I headed out to the airport at dark-thirty this a.m. for a quick trip to New York for a dinner tonight (for which all attending have been told everything is ‘bloggable’) and meetings tomorrow. I’m now heading out in search of a sportsbar in which I can view the Titans v. Texans. It’s Christmas time in the city.

Update: Thanks to the kind folks at Stout’s (on 33rd between 5th and 6th), I was able to watch the first half of the game. As today was a picture-perfect beautiful day in New York, it felt un-American not to stroll around with the millions of others enjoying the holiday-decked-out city. So, I left at half time and stuck my head into the ESPN Zone at Times Square to witness yet another storybook finish — the third week in a row. Later, I’ll be posting some of the user-generated-content I took with my camera around the city this afternoon.

  • I wish you had mentioned this at the Meat Up….I’ve been in almost almost every sports bar in the city trying to watch the Titans and could have recommended the least worst place to go.
    Too late now, another great win! Hope you got to see it.

  • Hudge

    Hope you saw the last half and OT, as well. Or at least the OT – I blinked and missed it.