Titans playoff chances wonking

(Update:: Later, on 12/27/2006, I added some later predictions before the final game of the season.)

Jimmy at Music City Miracles has posted the scenarios , six of seven that must happen, for the Titans to make it into the playoffs. Actually, there are eight scenarios because the six-of-seven formula is predicated on the Titans winning all their remaining games (Jaguars, @Bills and Patriots). Even a Koolaid-drinking Titans fan like me would have to be crazy to think all these factors could fall in place. But you never know: it could happen. For the record, when the Titans were 1-4 during the 2002 season, I blogged “it could happen” about their chances of making the playoffs. That year, they made it all the way to the AFC Championship game where they lost to Oakland.

While I do believe the Titans can win (dare I say, “will win”?) their remaining games, the factors outside their control are the ones I find more troublesome.

Sidenote: I watched much of the Bears-Rams game last night and was happy to see my fellow-Rex break out of his slump (however, having an 11-3 record is the kind of slump we should all have). I don’t like it when I hear fans say, “Rex sucks, ” no matter what team the Rex in question plays for. On the other hand, I think if the Bears make it to the Superbowl, Rex Sorgatz and I may get knocked off the front-page results for a search of the word rex on a certain search engine.

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  • There is another Jackson Miller who decided he would run for political office While he made it to the front page, he hasn’t dethroned me yet. The worst part is that he even has the same middle initial.

    Go Titans! One could say we are VYing for a playoff spot.

  • Rex

    I’m up to #3 on the “rex” Google search? I’m back, baby!

  • Rex Hammock

    Rex Sorgatz, #3 with a bullet. I know you’re my favorite Rex blogger — especially during ‘list’ season.