Mr. Roboto blogs our annual office party

First, let me say emphatically, those were NOT stripper poles — they were stabilization poles of the type one finds on a subway car. It was a moving bus. They were for safety purposes. Okay, with that actionable item aside, let me admit that when a famous “night life blogger” attends your office party as the date of one of your employees, you begin to prepare yourself for the reviews. Thanks, Mr. Roboto. I guess. One thing I know for certain, the response is “no way” to Mr. Robtoto’s parting suggestion: “Next year, I fully expect Rex to sell admission tickets to the party.”

For a more sedate version, see my earlier post and Flickr set.

Update: A public response to the private e-mail a friend just sent: No, this is not what I mean when I say our company has expanded our focus to include “social media.”

  • If those were “stabilization poles of the type that one finds in a subway,” then I hope I never ride on a subway with you people.

  • Hah, we took the single story party bus after finals last year and the phrase “stripper pole” was definitely an apt description of the, um, “supports.” Without going into too much detail, we began to wonder if some of our classmates hadn’t left off some previous job experiences from their resumes.

  • Are you talking about Blair?

  • same school, but we’re in different programs. that’s not to say i don’t think he’d have made excellent use had he been there, however. plus, if that were the case you would definitely have seen pictures already.