Mark Cuban is blog-pimping Rosie vs. the Donald

Mark Cuban, who recently appropriated the term blog-pimping to refer to what bloggers do when they comment and point to a high profile blog or blog post with the intent of drafting off of the traffic being generated by the higher profile blogger or post. Today, he actually demonstrates how blog pimping is done by pointing to (and trying to inject himself into) one of the strangest and least important pop-culture “feuds” ever conceived.

Note of historic importance: With this post, I am initiating a new practice called blog-pimp blog-pimping.

Related: Not that it matters, but is there some budding William Safiresque etymologist who can fill in me in on the term “blog pimp”? Or “blog-pimping”? While Cuban’s use of the phrase is just a few weeks old and somewhat fuzzy in meaning, at one time didn’t the phrase “blog-pimping” refer to “pimping out” ones blog with lots of bling, ala, say, blog bling zen-master, Fred Wilson?

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  • I’m glad someone else has wondered about this. I remember being a bit confused from the first time I read the term on your blog. (Big shout out to Mac Daddy Rex. If you type in “blog pimping” in Google, his blog is the first result!) 😉

    I understand the use of the word pimping as in using someone else’s dog to further your own blog traffic fight. What I’m confused about is that the pimp here is obviously in the position of non-power. Wouldn’t “blog prostitution” be more correct? Or blogzploitation even?

    My guess? Even William Safire couldn’t answer this logically – because there was no logic used. Blog Pimping just sounded better. Poetry over purism and all that.

    Oh. And according to that most respected of etymologists, Wikipedia, the origins of the word “pimp” are unknown, but it is thought to be related to the 16th century French verb pimper, which meant “to dress elegantly.” The modern French word pimpant means “alluring or seducing in outward appearance or dress”.