Just in time for Christmas Eve – Answers geeks needed before popping the big question

(From the NY Times) Questions Couples Should Ask (Or Wish They Had) Before Marrying.”

Observation and additional information for geeks: If the answer to #7 is yes (Will there be a television in the bedroom?), Doc Searls has some marital advice for you.

  • Hudge

    coming up on our 27th anniversary the end of this week. We did talk about nearly all of this, except 3, and 7 now that you mention it. We tried having a TV in the bedroom, neither of us liked it and out it went and gone ever since. The question should be in several parts, though – TV, computer, Crackberry or similar gizmo, DVD player. There should also be a question regarding sleep patterns and whether either or both like to read in bed and if so, during the same part of the night.