Dell reads the rexblog — and lots of others

Dell blogger Lionel Menchaca linked to my earlier response to Robert Scoble’s question about why Apple doesn’t get the negative PR Dell gets.


“We’ve created a team to find customers needing assistance in the blogosphere, entered Second Life, recently re-vamped the Dell Community Forum and have plans to offer more options for customers to provide feedback at CES and beyond. We are making efforts to be more forthcoming. We entered the blogosphere in part to take on negative issues. Will we make more mistakes along the way? Sure, but we are listening and learning as we go. In fact, the blog is all about those conversations, and it’s why I’m recognizing this debate that goes on about and around us.”

Impressive. I’m glad I pointed out in my earlier post that we have several Dells in the office and at least one employee who loves hers. (photos to come.)

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  • I will add this. I use both a Mac [Powerbook G4, has had multiple hard drive issues including total data loss twice] and a Dell [Inspiron 700m] at work here at Hammock. While the Mac, as a concept, is always going to be my favorite — ease of use/usability issues that no PC can overcome until Microsoft makes radical updates to its OS — the current Dell I have is the most problem-free PC I’ve ever used…and I started using PCs 23 years ago. I use it every day and I’ve simply had no issues with it, period.

  • Rex Hammock

    Geez. And Laura’s not even our resident Dell-er.

  • Summer

    Photos to come??? I better straighten up my office…