rexblog at Macworld next week

Travel advisory: While many of the cool kids I know are going to be in Las Vegas next week, I’m going to be in San Francisco attending Macworld (among other things). I’m not really there to “blog it” and I especially don’t expect to be doing any “live-blogging” but, well, I’m there and I blog, so you never know.

If you’re attending Macworld, look for me. I’m the guy who looks like that photo over on the right (unless you’re reading this via an RSS feed — then I have no idea what is over on the right of this). Or e-mail me.

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  • I’m SO jealous. I haven’t been since 1999. They were just starting sessions on this cool new publishing platform, Adobe Acrobat. They were trying to convince all of us that people would be reading Acrobat documents all the time in the future. (But like we would fall for that….reading on the computer!) 😉

    When I switched jobs in 2000, I had to switch to a PC platform, so I’m not sure if they would let me back in anyways. (But at least they did have all the same programs for the PC by then: Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…switching over.)

    Except I lost all of my cool points.