I’d like to volunteer Nashville for this Comcast experiment

Today, TiVo and Comcast said they will finally start testing the TiVo-powered DVR Comcast service they announced two years ago. As a Comcast customer of their current digital cable (including DVR) service, I’d be happy to be a paying guinea pig if they’d use Nashville for an early role-out market.

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  • I whole heartedly agree. Im dieing to get a pvr for the digitial channels. I run MythTV right now and it does what i want for about 90% of the stuff….but occasionaly id like something more like recording premium channels on the easy. Being here in Nashville as well….Lets tag team them 🙂

  • Barrett


    I too am in the Nashville area and a comcast subscriber. How has MythTV been with comcast? Are you using firewire for HD or OTA?