We’re thinking of turning Hammock Publishing into a reality program

Just kidding. However, this article in the NY Times about magazines in TV shows reminded me that I once posted a list of movies set in magazine land. It needs to be updated. I think I did update it, but the update page didn’t survive my recent conversion to a new blogging software. Currently, my household’s favorite magazine TV show is Ugly Betty. I find it an extremely accurate portrayal of working for a magazine company. (That was a joke.)

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  • Lesley

    I just recently watched “The Devil Wears Prada” and “13 Going On 30″ back to back. Not purposefully, but I found it amusing, our society’s (or is it Hollywood’s?) fascination with fashion/”women’s” magazines. And I also like catching re-runs of “Just Shoot Me.” However, I don’t read a single fashion/women’s magazine. Maybe the process is more fascinating than the product. There’s no show about producing “Fortune” or “Outside.”

  • Hudge

    My wife has plugged into ugly betty, and I’ve seen a few episodes. It seems like they are always about to produce an issue, not actually doing it – ditto Just Shoot Me. I didn’t see either of the movies you referenced, so can’t speak to that. Maybe it’s the angst that is fascinating, especially when coupled with sex, illusion and bitchiness.

    Almost all the witty repartee at Hammock takes place via IM (so of course it is stored various places for scriptwriters, lawyers, FBI agents, etc. to use if needed. I’m sure everyone else has their IM log activated like I do…) So our mirth is virtually silent. Not sure that would make for good TV, even if our magazines had sex, illusion and bitchiness.