Hey, I know that blogger

Don’t know how I missed Laura Creekmore’s major pub in today’s Tennessean. Besides moderating the East Nashville listserv and blogging about food, she’s head of Internetology at Hammock. From that photo on Tennessean.com, you can see she’s the one with clutter-free desk.

  • Hudge

    The truth is that Laura IS the one with the clutter-free desk, compared with everyone else. Except Rex, who keeps his desk only as a place to set his glasses down.

  • Rex Hammock

    I resemble that. I have another spot for my glasses.

  • Thank you, Bill. I appreciate it. My sister even called me to talk about my desk. I thought she was referring to my home office, which is indeed a dump. She goes, “No, in the paper. Your desk looks awful.” ???? I had a few papers on it!! [I won’t go into detail about what my sister’s desk looks like, but I’ll just say, I’ve never actually seen the desk.]

  • Hudge

    I spotted a piece of the Dead Sea Scrolls in my office the other day, but it’s submerged again under the ocean of clutter I call necessary.