Steve Jobs issues an Apple papal bull

What do you call this decree from Steve Jobs? A manifesto? An essay? An edict? A judgement? I call it a long-overdue Apple papal bull.

In a minimalist presentation of 1,877 words, lacking his typical flare for graphics, Steve Jobs issues an essay I think this is a great statement, but it would have impressed me if he had issued it in 2003 when the iTunes store launched. Any time is better than never, but Jobs loses some of the moral high-ground when doing this in reaction to governmental regulatory threats. While some on the blogosphere are ready to saint him, let’s pause: this is merely a logical business decision on Apple’s part. That aside, no DRM is a good thing.

Next suggestion: Drop DRM on those videos you sell on iTunes.

Observation: It’s odd Apple has no “blog-like” platform to issue such statements. Hey, but when you’re Steve Jobs, issuing some “thoughts” is enough, I guess.

Observation II: Mark Cuban is a better writer than Steve Jobs’ ghost on this.

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