A brief history of PR by Malcolm Gladwell

While this “post” is a reprint of a 1998 New Yorker article*, the questions it raises are still timely: Are our spin meisters just spinning one another?

*This raises a sidebar issue of what it means when Malcolm Gladwell is described as one of the weblog’s “authors.” Is reprinting a nine-year old article he wrote and not identifying its origin what being a site “author” means? Ironically, Gladwell (in a later article and best-selling book) explained in great detail why there would be at least one reader of this article who would recognize immediately where it came from. See: maven.

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  • Rex,

    Thanks for your visit and your thoughts on Malcolm’s article. The big story here is Marketer’s For Charity.

    Malcolm, along with 11 other renowned authors, thought leaders and marketers have donated signed copies of some of their best work for a year end auction benefiting breast cancer research.

    Each is also contributing favorite new or archived material on Branding Strategy Insider.

    Many good and talented people are rallying around this effort; it would be great if you would too.

    Can we count on you?


  • Rex Hammock

    Okay, so you are saying he’s an author that is a part of the “Marketer’s for Charity.” From the description on the blog — and the post — it appeared like you were saying he’s an author of the blog. The way you describe it here is a little clearer than on your site. I think it’s a good idea when explained like that.

  • Rex,

    We are developing a special area for this cause as I write this. It will link to our blog and give everyone an opportunity to go deeper.

    December’s auction will be on eBay. If you can help us promote it then that would be great.