My first and probably only Grammy post ever

For the first time in years, I watched the Grammy Awards tonight. Here are my awards:

Best performance in the history of all time: Christina Aguilera singing James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s World”

Most surreal moment: Tipper Gore’s husband presenting the award for best rock album.

Worst album to ever win best album: Need I say? (And I own it.) Here’s the best Dixie Chicks album.

  • Hudge

    Given the process by which the Grammys are nominated and decided, it’s no surprise that the Dixie Chicks won. The recording industry is simply an extension of the Left-Coast/Hollywood fifth column that will go to any lengths in their treasonous attacks on the policies of the Bush administration. This is their nadir – just as Hollywood is being brought to heel and the wackocommieSAGists marginalized, the same will happen to them.

  • Rex Hammock

    Bill, for those of us who know when you went to Columbia and have the photos to prove it, the humor of your comment is apparent. Unfortunately, there are lots of folks who agree with you. My reaction to the Dixie Chicks album is apolitical. I merely think it’s awful. I have, however, maintained my membership of the Dixie Chicks fan club, hoping they’ll get back to a purer, Austin, sound.

  • Hudge


  • Well, for your first & last it wasn’t too shabby!