links for 2007-02-13

  • Shannon

    It’s a shame, but I have pledged not to buy anything from until they remove these titles from their site. Living a few blocks from the country’s largest independent bookstore (which is 10x cooler than Amazon anyway) makes my promise a little easier to keep. And I guess I’ll have to find local retailers who sell other products I’d normally buy on Amazon. Oh well if I spend $10 more. Animal fighting is absolutely sick. The Humane Society is a powerful organization that has changed the minds of other companies in the past–hopefully they’ll be successful this time too. Go to to sign a pledge, contact Amazon and spread the word.

  • Rex Hammock

    What a dilemma. I’m sure Amazon makes nothing from the sale of these magazines and this decision could cost them millions. I’m also sure there are lots of magazines that offend other people that they choose not to sell, so I’m not exactly sure I understand the principle on which Amazon is standing in making this decision. However, when it comes to boycotts of bookstores for not banning certain books and magazines I find offensive (which I clearly do find offensive in this case), I can think of many more reasons NOT to join in the boycott than to join in.

  • Shannon

    I don’t see this as a First Amendment issue. I’m sure Amazon sells plenty of other books and magazine titles that I find offensive. Just being offended by something isn’t a reason to join a boycott, I agree. My issue is that they sell publications that promote/encourage/enable illegal (and disgusting) activities.

  • Hudge

    I’d get involved here (“Torso” might be one title I would vote for them to drop), but I’m too busy ordering my SI Swimsuit issue.