The secret to getting lots of comments on a Flickr photo: muddy puppies

Our puppy, Kate, discovered mud yesterday and I shared the moment with folks participating in the Project 365 group on Flickr. Speaking of which, my first six weeks or so of trying to take a photo each day is a bit like my experiences with starting blogs. It takes some discipline to get into the habit. And you shouldn’t feel guilty if you miss a day or two or three. Also, I thought it would be easier to bulk upload several photos taken and collected, but I have found it more beneficial to post on the day shot. I still haven’t gotten that part down, however.

As with blogging, at some point, you start experiencing the world as a series of events, experiences, relationships, encounters and images you want to collect and remember so that later you can recall or share them.

Update: Apparently, cute photos of muddy puppies are also popular with Nashville is Talking readers.

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  • I was beginning to wonder if you had given up on Project 365. Maybe you need to try the buddy system. It has worked pretty well for me and Summer so far…

  • Adorable! And yeah, hey, many of us other NIT folks often have muddy pooches of our own:

    So welcome to the world of mud and wet dog scent! 🙂