It’s a blogger

Nashville blogger and rexblog friend, Jackson Miller, says he didn’t plan on live-blogging the birth of a new baby son today, but it just sorta worked out that way. His blog commentors are offering suggestions for a first name to go with _________ Jackson Miller — I guess it gets more difficult when it’s your 4th son and all of the obvious names have been handed out already. (Andrew, Jesse and Michael are obvious rejects.) My suggestions: Plato, Harley or WordPress. Or, perhaps a good jazz musician’s name — maybe, Bird. So is wifi now a feature of hospital maternity wings? Maybe Wifi would be a good first name.

Congratulations…and turn off the computer.

  • We asked during our “holy crap, we’re having a baby!” classes and were told there was definitely high speed and maybe wifi at the hospital, only to find neither. And after the third time I called the tech support and demanded requested they get me online, I gave up and enjoyed the first 5 (internet-free) days of J.J.’s life.

  • The miracle of birth, brought to the masses through the miracle of EV-DO.