The world’s youngest profession: Friendstitution

I just Googled the words and discovered there is no such thing as a “friendsitute” and no such occupation as “friendstitution.”

However, I think the world’s youngest profession should be called those as the New York Times has a story today about the service, Fake Your Space, that will rent you ‘friends’ for your MySpace profile page for 99¢ per friend, per month. Dave Winer calls it a “fantastic business model.”

Key item in article: “MySpace and other social-networking sites appear to have no rules prohibiting Mr. Walker’s idea.” Why would they? When the goal is to generate more page views and get more accounts registered, why do something that would limit the site to actual people? How many people on MySpace are actually who they say they are?

Sometimes when I come up these words, I will register the domain. However, other than coming up with the term, this is one I’d like not to be associated with in on-going way.

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  • Truly bizarre… anyhow, if you applied this concept to the real world I bet you could make friends fast. Just buy someone coffee once a week.

  • This sounds like the modern-day equivalent of the nerdy guy paying the popular chick to go out with him.

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  • Hudge

    Or maybe an NFL player’s posse….

  • Rex Hammock

    Terms people have emailed me (apparently they were too shy to post a comment): “friend pimp” “friend ho” “friend slut” (will friend anyone for free)

  • Hudge

    Well, everyone has always winked at the phrase “We’re just friends.” So maybe this isn’t so new under the fluorescent sun.

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