It’s not the end of print, sorta

While the name of the book is, The Last Magazine, it’s not really about the last, last magazine — just the end of magazines as we know them today. According to Jeremy Leslie’s review in BusinessWeek, it will be the end of magazines like BusinessWeek — at least the paper version.


“This is how it goes: over the next 20 years, mainstream magazines will cease to be distributed as printed items, as a combination of pressures pushes publishers to move to digital distribution.

My standard prediction on this topic: magazines that people display on coffee tables will exist as long as there are coffee tables.

  • Hudge

    Assuming someone doesn’t come along with a high-def coffee table capable of displaying electronic media – sorta like a really nice Pong game, in mahogany

  • @Rex: It is not about the coffee table

    There is and there will be always a place for a g o o d magazine – old fashion, new fashion, print, online – enthusiastic / love readers don’t care!

  • Rex Hammock

    I agree, Hugo. Is it just me, or is Hugo’s picture showing up very large?

  • Ok, here is my idea about magazines.

    With so much content available and on-demand printing becoming tied to huge and rapid distribution models, magazines can thrive as a medium where the cream is brought to the top and delivered to those who are willing to pay for someone to sort through it all for them.

    The value that that business would provide would be primarily the value of a good editor. I would like to start a magazine based on stuff that is alread written on the internet. Someone could find the content and offer to pay bloggers for use. They may want the bloggers to expound on the topic or make some changes. It is like finding good first drafts and taking it from there.

    The amount of money paid to the blogger could be directly tied to the number of subscribers that month.

    The best part is that all of the printing technology already exists (from what I understand) at Ingram’s on-demand printing division.

    Some blogs are successful because the blogger builds a brand around theirself. Similarly I think some magazines could be successful because the editor builds a self-brand.

  • Sorry, about the picture size – I (hope) I’m innocent …

  • Rex Hammock

    Thanks, Hugo. I’ve emailed “bugs at mybloglog” to see if they have any idea why you are showing up big. I feel it’s a problem on their end. While your image resizes correctly elsewhere, it is not doing so in the feature that attaches your image to comments. It is definitely no “your” fault.

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