Confirmed: Print version of Infoworld to shutter

According to Rafat Ali at, the rumor regarding Infoworld ceasing its print-version has been confirmed.


“The staff internally didn’t know about this until this story came out, and got picked up by SF Chronicle and Valleywag among others. From what my sources told me, there won’t be too many layoffs as most of the team had been working on print, online and events. And don’t discount the events side, as that was a major source of revenue for the brand.

  • I am a techy…i also consider myself well versed in this whole “web2.0” stuff tho Im not a huge believer in it. I just dont know if Id like some of these ‘rags’ in online only. only way I can see myself consuming them more than I do now, is if they have a quality RSS feed. I dont visit too many sites anymore unless it is to comment, and if I had to click though all the time I just dont see myself consuming their content. I do get their print though my office, and I enjoy it. Its how I make my way though our Wednesday tech meeting… Now Ill have to make sure to have this laptop with me. I am a huge RSS person, but there are things that I like in paper. I dont like how tech moves so fast that paper is out of date weeks before its printed, but I like having something low tech to read from time to time. sad that things have come to this in some ways. if their content expands and becomes more dynamic and up to date, then I can see them going even further with an online only base….

    now will they be free or subscription based? free for recent news, back catalog pay….or other way around. full feed or snipit feed on their rss…. those are the pressing questions I believe

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