What’s the opposite of being dooced? (continued)

I’m not exactly sure why it’s “news,” but today, a “free feature” on WSJ.com is an article about how blogging can help you get a job.

Flashback from 6/14/2006: What’s the opposite of being dooced? Also, a couple of weeks ago, my friend, Paul Conley blogged on the importance of student journalists blogging, podcasting, etc.

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  • Actually, I have found more opportunities since I began blogging and made numerous contacts with like-minded people. I have been approached with a couple of long-term jobs but thus far, it’s not the right fit.
    Of course, being that I have a job that was approved by my owners at the newspaper I work at, there is always the chance I will get “dooced.”
    Double-edged sword I guess.