Bring back the real MyBlogLog Eric

When I first signed on to, there was a guy named Eric (far left) who friended me immediately. I de-friended him because I thought he was like Colonel Sanders or that Tom guy at MySpace — more an avatar-mascot than a real person. However, a real guy named Eric Marcoullier emailed me and assured me he was real and so I re-friended him. But recently, Eric disappeared and was replaced by some other avatar-dude (near left) claiming to be Eric. The first Eric seemed a more friendly friend. The new Eric seems more pensive — like he’s really not sure he wants to be my friend, but he has to because he now works for Yahoo!

  • Hudge

    Someone needs to create a site where you can pluck petals from a daisy. “He’s my friend, he’s not my friend…” That would change everything.

  • Rex — I’m bummed that I only now saw your post. It fills me with tremendous sorrow that I have let you down by hiding the joy that fills my heart. Yes, I was trying to show another side of my personality, but I will never do so at the expense of sharing the happiness that I feel each day knowing that I have such friends at MyBlogLog. As you can see in my new image, I am back to the friendly friend you have been pining for. Cheers!

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