MetroCenter Greenway photos and map

Over the weekend, I added a MetroCenter Greenway map and photo set to my collection of Nashville Greenway maps.

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Completed Maps

Nashville Greenways information, including PDF maps:

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  • When did Metrocenter open? I had forgotten it was done, but it looks like a really nice walk. We’ll have to check that out soon.

  • Rex Hammock

    It was one of the first. It’s been around for several years.

  • I used to ride at Shelby Park all the time, but now Ive heard that Stones River is worth visiting. I do love the Greenways around here, have ridden most of them at one point or another over the last few years. I even go up to Springfield and ride theirs. Brentwood is closer to my apartment so I tend to head down to those more. Crockett Park and adjoining paths are where you can usually find me.