AT&T offering a ‘non-advertised’ $10 DSL plan

If you live in the 22-state AT&T service region (including Nashville and other former BellSouth areas) and you’ve never had AT&T or BellSouth broadband, there is a “cheaper than advertised plan” that allows you to obtain a DSL plan for $10 a month. Local phone service and a one-year contract are required. The modem is free.

According to the linked-to AP story, “the plan was not mentioned in a Friday news release about AT&T’s DSL plans, and is slightly hidden on the AT&T Web site. A page describing DSL options doesn’t mention it, but clicking a link for “Term contract plans” reveals it.

So why aren’t they touting the plan? According to AP, “(the plan) is part of the concessions made by AT&T to the Federal Communications Commission to get its $86 billion acquisition of BellSouth Corp. approved last December.” If that is true, it’s a deal they hope no one notices.

  • Jon

    Sigh. Still no ‘naked’ DSL. That’s all I’m waiting for. My money is theirs for the taking if they’ll ever get their head out of the sand and stop demanding I subscribe to their antiquated landline phone service.

  • Tom

    So what’s their web-site domain name? And how can I tell if I’m in the 22 state area?