It’s either this or video of my dogs sleeping

I just posted a short video on Facebook and YouTube. On Facebook, I named it “If old people put videos on Facebook.” It’s a very brief video of this year’s version of my “square foot garden,” which is about a month ahead of last year’s because I figured out that if plants have more sun, they grow faster. I shot it with a Canon Powershot TX1, the new pocket camera/HD camcorder.

Speaking of gardening, for father’s day, I was given a copy of Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life.” [ link]. Having a garden — even one as small as mine — and reading her book, reminds me of how little most people (me included) know about the food we eat. Where it comes from and the resources it takes to get the food to our tables. Kingsolver makes a convincing argument that eating food in season from ones own area is not only healthy, but it could cut down dramatically on the consumption of oil. Other than loving the taste of vine-ripened tomatoes, I can’t recall my reason for planting my 48-square-foot garden last year. However, I’ve learned a lot from the experience. As Kingsolver says in her book, seeing the food ripen throughout the growing season also adds greatly to the anticipation — and flavor — of the vegetables.

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  • Hudge

    I no longer garden and don’t cook much either, but when I did, there was nothing better than coming home after a rough day, changing into grubbies and going shopping in the garden for the bulk of my dinner. Squash, eggplant, okra, tomatoes, corn, melons – within minutes I had a sumptuous feast. Maybe that was why you started your garden?

  • I should have known you’d get the TX1 before me! Got a quickie review of it? Is it worth the money? I only ask because I don’t think four digital cameras is enough for our household…

  • Rex Hammock

    I need to use it more before I review it. As some have noted already, it’s not the most ergonomically easy gadget to use. And despite the stabilization, I have a hard time hold such a small thing still. However, having a cam-corder in ones pocket at all time is going to come in handy.