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  • Hi Rex, just wanted to stop by and say hello. Both Steve and Josh bring up great points in their posts.

    I recently wrote, “The Future of Communications – A Manifesto for Integrating Social Media into Marketing,” which explores these ideas and also goes way beyond social networks to help PR people understand what’s going on and to teach those who want to learn how to jump in.

    PR, as we know it, is dying. And, the real challenge is how to get the majority of PR to participate in these conversations.

    New PR is shifting monologue to dialogue, from broadcast to participatory and conversational marketing. I have been working extensively with Chris Heuer, Jeremiah Owyang, Stowe Boyd and Todd Defren, who are all helping PR learn how to make the transition.

    The future of PR is about conversations, knowledge, sharing and relationships. It will have greater alignment with sociology and not be based solely on the technology – as tech represents the tools to facilitate conversations, and will always evolve.

    The fundamental principles are:

    Listening is marketing.

    Participation is marketing.

    Media is marketing.

    Conversations are marketing.

    This renaissance represents an opportunity for passionate and smart PR people to reinvigorate an industry long associated with used car salesman to put the “public” and “relationships” back in Public Relations .

    It’s the realization that focusing on and cultivating important markets and the people within them, will have a far greater impact than trying to reach the masses with any one message or tool.