Nashville, an “on the verge” city

Fast Company Magazine is releasing their “Fast Cities” list, “30 worldwide centers of creativity where the most important ideas and organizations of the future are located. They attract the best and brightest. They are great places to work and live.”

In addition to the 30 current “Fast Cities,” the magazine lists some on-the-verge (kinda fast?) cities. Included on that list are two “on the verge” culture centers: Nashville and Omaha. This suggestion by Fast Company might seem humorous to many of my friends on the left and right coasts. However, anyone who has hung out recently in Nashville — and I’m not talking about staying inside Opryland Hotel for several days — or Omaha will know what they mean.

  • Hudge

    Some would say Fast Company was slow on the uptake to recognize we have culture here. Actually, I expected the Rexblog to say that.

  • Oh, Austin is listed as a Fast City with the “highest number by far of Wi-Fi hot spots per capita in the United States”… y’all bring the new iPhone and come see us!!! 😉