To the several people who have emailed me a link to the blogging, outsourcing story

The BBC has a story about someone who is “paying someone to be him” — to blog, network, post, etc. I confess, that is also the secret to how I have maintained this blog for so long. I have hired a series of interns who do nothing but write these posts and manage my Facebook account, etc. Also, in much the same way as the legendary Bluegrass pioneer Bill Monroe used to make members of his band go work on his farm, one of the requirements of the interns who maintain this blog is to go take care of my tomato plants — and I am (I mean, they are) getting tired of having to do that. (Please note this item is tagged “humor.”)

  • But, Rex, what we all really want to know is – did you pay someone to wait for you in line for an iPhone?

    Love the blog, keep it up – apologies that this is my first comment (I think..).


  • Rex Hammock

    I couldn’t afford the fees the line-sitters were seeking.

  • Hudge

    Rex – you thought it was chipmunks eatin’ your ‘maters. It were the internes.

  • “I have hired a series of interns who do nothing but write these posts and manage my Facebook account, etc.”
    I’m sure you’re being ironic here but folk might not realize that this is, indeed, a growth industry; folk are gaming “social capital” just like they gamed WarCraft and such.
    I consider even the legit form little more than a purile game … high school personality politics writ large and validated.

    p.s. greets!

  • What I want to know then is who takes care of the Nikon?


  • Barbara

    Because I’m the production director, I’ve had to wash and groom your dogs for eight years. But they are small dogs and fit into my washer and dryer quite comfortably with my husband’s socks.

  • Rex Hammock

    Barbara, my dogs are small, but not that small. But I always wondered how you got them so fluffy.

  • Drew Ermenc

    As a former intern at Hammock Pubs., I can safely say that I only had to sit at the Green Hills Apple store line one time before 6 a.m.. At least Rex reimbursed me for the Starbucks… (I kid, I kid… the Apple store wasn’t even there when I was an intern.)